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Grid Trading Bot

Grid trading is the most profitable trading strategy. Grid trading allows you to make profit at every pre-defined levels. These bots are most effective when coins are trading in sideway and trending range.

What makes a profitable bot?

GridBandit has partnered with Phemex to provide you the best opportunity to make profit. While most grid bots at other exchanges charge you commissions for every trade. Using GridBandit technology, all orders are sent to the Phemex exchange as Limit orders. These orders add liquidty to the exchange and in return Phemex pays the trader a commission on every trade. So instead of paying commissions on every trade and decreasing profit on every trade, now you can make commisions on every trade and increase you trading profitability.


  • 24/7 Trading

  • Long and Short Bots

  • Range Trading

  • Websockets Technology¬†

  • Simple Dashboard to manage all of your working bots

Get Paid to Trade

Make upto 2.5% per day in just commission rebates just by adding liquidity.

Make additional percentage by grid profits

Trade light and never have to worry about trends or technical analysis.

Just set it and forget it

Use cases for Grid Bots

  • Use to accumulate coins and Set High Take Profit targets

  • Use to play active grids when coins are trading in ranges or bottomed out

  • Use to short coins that have moved into very high RSI range

  • Setup Grids well below market levels or high levels to capture spikes in trading moves

  • Use to exit large positions over many grid levels without affecting coins prices

  • Use it to scalp sharp moves in the markets, to quickly buy coins and take profits.